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Seeking an Alternative EDI Supplier

Seeking an Alternative EDI Supplier

Your IBM i EDI solution is crucial for sustaining trade with your suppliers and your customers. It is an essential component in many business processes. Poor service levels, escalating costs and out of date solutions have led to many companies becoming dissatisfied with their current EDI Software Supplier. Migrating to a viable alternative solution can be very daunting, often leading to a business feeling locked in and with no way out. There is no need to feel like this. At Life IT we have a clear understanding of your challenges and have a strong track record for successful migrations.

Look no further than EDIHub from Life IT, a cost effective, fast and secure Electronic Message Exchange solution for IBM Servers, combining up-to-date EDI capabilities with high levels of service and support.

EDIHub offers:

  • A way to control costs and receive consistently high levels of service.
  • A solution that has a strong reputation and a very satisfied user base. 
  • Stress free migration and synchronisation of your data and processes with external partners. 
  • Audit tracking and monitoring. 
  • Flexible configuration options.
  • A complete message routing solution, supporting XML, EDI and EDIFACT transactions.

Find out how we can take the pressure off and make EDI migration stress free. Contact Life IT today.

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