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Double-Take Availability for Windows

Double-Take Availability for Windows provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery so you never have to worry about downtime or the lost revenue and chaos that ensue.

  • The most comprehensive high availabilityand disaster recovery for physical and virtual servers on Windows
  • Real-time application and data protection
  • Use existing hardware, software and network
  • Full server protection and failover
  • Failover executed in minutes, not hours, and supports dissimilar hardware
  • Supports MS Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, BES and more
  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service integration allows you to schedule and recover from up to 64 point-in-time copies of data on your physical or virtual target
  • No distance limits for backup server
  • Near-zero data loss
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 R2 certified

Double-Take Availability combines continuous real-time replication and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup on physical or virtual Windows servers. Double-Take Availability uses patented replication and failover capabilities that continuously capture byte-level changes as they occur and replicates those changes to another server either locally or over any WAN link.

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