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BACSTEL-iP for System i

Grange BACSTEL-iP for System i is the premier System i BACS solution in the UK with the largest installed user base.

Customers include banks, financial institutions, district councils and major industries.

 Resilience & Security:

The solution is native to the System i, which brings added reliability, scalability, and security. A key aspect of the systems security is that the data is not transferred to a separate server. 


 Reduced Costs:

There is no requirement to purchase an additional server to host the application as it will run on the System i. The software is multi user and multi application. There is no limit to the number of users and applications which use the software, and there are no additional costs if these increase in the future.


 Backup & Recovery:

BACS is designated part of the government's Critical National Infrastructure, as a system which needs to be protected in an emergency or disaster situation. Consolidation of the BACS onto your System i server also means that the whole environment is easily backed up and rapidly restored.

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