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EdgeMagic Enterprise Edition

EdgeMagic Enterprise Edition

EdgeMagic is a System i based solution with optimized components and adapters for native i5/OS integration for reading RFID tags and managing EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliance mandates. EdgeMagic manages edge devices without the need for attaching PCs and is integrated with System i ERP/WMS applications.

Provides the full range of features needed for managing EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliance mandates, printing, reading and validating RFID tags, integration with ERP and WMS applications and management reporting.

The Enterprise Edition contains all the functions of the Basic Compliance product, plus:

  • Inbound (receiving) EPC compliance.
  • IO Device Support: light stacks, alarms, message boards, sensors, diverters.
  • IO device configuration via the System i
  • User defined multilevel GTIN product hierarchies
  • Order level commissioning
  • Optimized filtering and smoothing of RFID data.
  • Application pallet/case order validation.
  • Pallet label generation.
  • ERP/WMS Application interfaces: JD Edwards World & EnterpriseOne, Manhattan Associates WM , VAI S2K Enterprise, Management, MAPICS, BPCS and custom
  • Create ASNs & interface to EDI
  • rack and validate bar code labels
  • Advanced Management Analytics
  • Support for developing closed loop applications

EdgeMagic Versions

EdgeMagic Runtime Versions, have all the edge handling functionality of the full product versions. The full product versions are referred to as Development Versions or Development Kits. The Runtime versions do not provide functions for defining items and their hierarchies, nor the defining of read events and associated actions.

EdgeMagic Add-On Features and Options

Additional EPR/WMS application interface

EdgeMagic can interface to a number of different ERP and WMS packages. The Enterprise Edition includes an interface to an ERP or WMS package of the customer's choosing. If there is a need to integrate to other application packages, this feature is necessary. Each interface is sold separately.

Advanced Management Reports (Dashboard)

EdgeMagic contains common inquiries and management reports. This feature provides a graphical, drill down interface for more advanced control of all edge activity.

Development Tool for Management Reports

The Web Object Wizard (WOW) product is the rapid web application development tool that is used for developing of the advanced management report dashboard. It can also be used to easily access and manipulate data stored in any relational database including DB2, Oracle® and SQL Server.

Mirror Editions

EdgeMagic backup copies are available to customers with active annual support who need to duplicate production systems in a recovery environment. The Mirror Edition license is 60% of the corresponding product list price.

Annual Support

Includes Help Line, software fixes and new software releases free of charge. Annual support is 15% of the prevailing list price of products, options and add-on features.