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Output Management Solutions that brings you improved Corporate ID, Cost savings through improved automatic document handling routines, Flexibility and Independence as you define layouts and document workflows.

Forms & Spool design

Are you tired of complicated and time consuming processes of making your print look nice? Enrich your iSeries / AS400 host data by applying an electronic form to the data. Easy, quickly and without limitations!


Barcode & label printing

Use of barcodes in the daily operations is a must for companies today. Convert your spool data into commonly used industry-standard barcodes with the InterForm400 software.
Supported barcodes are:

  • Interleaved 2of5
  • Barcode 3of9
  • Code 39
  • Barcode 128 & EAN 128
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • UPC-A
  • PDF417
  • DataMatrix
  • QR
  • GS1
  • USPS

PDF file creation

In an electronic workflow, the PDF format is the common way of interchanging documents. It is therefore crucial that your workflow system supports PDF. InterForm400 comes standard with a PDF writer. It lets you easily and smoothly generate PDF's of your documents.


Email distribution (PDF)

Want to save postage cost, burdens of paper and cut away a huge administrative task? Send your documents in PDF format via e-mail directly from the iSeries. No need to print or to open your e-mail client. The E-mailing functionality also saves manual handling of documents and thus increases efficiency and lowers cost. HTML or TEXT e-mail templates can be created using spool data as part of the e-mail text. The AS400 email texts can be sent in several languages, automatically selected based on the AS400 report enclosed with the AS400 email.


Fax Distribution

Send your documents via fax automatically and save valuable time. The InterFax400 module integrates smoothly with InterForm400, and it can retrieve names and numbers from spool data automatically.


Document Archiving

The InterArchive400 application captures your AS400 formatted spool documents of your ERP application, and provide the storage, retrieval, security and archiving of those documents. The InterArchive400 solution brings you cost savings and increased flexibility and efficiency.

Spool to Excel

Do you want to work with your iSeries / AS400 data in a user friendly and easy way? Use InterExcel400 to convert your data and get professional reports to share with other non AS400 users.


Mail merge

OfficeVision400 is no longer supported by IBM. The InterWord400 module is a full replacement for the OfficeVision400 - Simple and easy mail merge for iSeries.


Multi function printer(MFP/PJL)

Having trouble in getting your Multi Function Printer to do as you want from the iSeries / AS400? It can be tricky to use all of the advanced finishing options on modern printers. Not with the InterPJL module. It provides you with full support for finishing options on all laser printers.


Cheque printing

Print your own checkes with your design using the MICR font. The font comes as standard in the InterForm400 Software.


DBCS & unicode printing

DBCS spool files are automatically processed with the InterForm400 conversion engine, independently if we are talking about printing or e-mailing.

Convert your existing SCS printer files into a Unicode format using a ready to use conversion program, already being used by other ERP vendors. This will allow you to meet your customers requirement in handling multiple code pages in the same data base and following generating documents with multiple code pages in the same document.


Digital signatures

Security comes first in iSeries environments. With our PDF Security module, you can encrypt and password protect your PDF files. And in addition you can use the digital certificates in PDF to further tighten security and comply with legal requirements for e-invoicing.

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