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IBM i OS Upgrade Service

IBM i OS Upgrade Service

To take advantage of the latest features & functions and keep your system fully supported Life's IBM i OS upgrade service offers a fully inclusive, co-ordinated solution which is geared to ensuring the success of the upgrade without disrupting your business. It's a service that draws on the wealth of experience and expertise that comes from undertaking such projects on a daily basis.

IBM i OS V7.2 & V7.3

Every release of the IBM i operating system has a finite support period.  Support for V7.1 ends on the 30 April 2018.

To upgrade to V6R1 or above from earlier versions requires a program conversion for all programs that use the IBM i Machine Interface (MI). 

This conversion upgrades and refreshes programs to take advantage of the latest system enhancements, including enhanced system integrity, improved performance, and a range of new operating system and processor capabilities.

The IBM i community has experienced program conversion before when moving from 48-bit address space to the 64-bit address space in 1995. This was the CISC to RISC conversion where the instruction set was changed from complex instruction set computing to reduced instruction set computing.

The program conversion to IBM i 6.1 or above  is similar in some ways to the CISC to RISC conversion. In order for a program to be converted its creation data (sometimes referred to as observability) must be available. 

Upgrading From V5R4 or Earlier

As part of our upgrade service we complete a set of pre upgrade tasks to identify any objects which won't convert and estimate how long the conversion will take based on the CPW of your system. The team then plan out any corrective actions required to ensure the conversion can complete successfully.

We can also test the upgrade process on one of our servers running V6R1 or above, and make the server available to your users for application testing. Once testing is complete we fully document an implementation plan of what we'll do & how long it will take. The upgrade is usually completed out of hours. 

Key Benefits of V7.3

  • Temporal support

  • Enhanced OLAP function

  • New Security Authority Collection

  • New functions & features in RPG IV

  • Git & Orion added to available open source environments

  • New version of IBM DB2 Web Query for i