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Application Support

Application Support

The key to our Application Support is that it's 'tailored' to your exact requirements, with the flexibility to increase the resources and hours of cover as required.

We offer any combination of application, operational and technical support to save you time and budget and providing peace of mind.

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Not all applications are static and support is not just about reacting to problems.

Our application maintenance services encompass all things we do to modernise, mobilise and integrate your existing applications.

We include planned maintenance activities to keep your applications in tip top shape performing software upgrades, application changes and end user training when necessary.


The cost of application support varies depending on what you'd like us to do and when you'd like us to do it. Experience tells us that by looking at the number and types of calls your users make and the hours of support cover you require we can provide a fixed price support service.

Many of our clients use this service to release their in-house team from legacy application support, allowing them to be focused on strategic projects, and our service ensures users are supported at all times and within agreed service levels. 

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What our clients are saying

"We wanted flexible support to ensure 24/7 cover and Life IT worked with us to deliver this. Life IT has become integrated into the Bentley way of working and their role has expanded into looking at the technical side of the application as well as the support."

"Our relationship has been built up over a significant period of time and both sides have worked hard to develop a supplier/customer relationship that can be used as a model throughout Bentley. We are now in the position where we have a pro-active partnership, Life IT are treated as part of Bentley, and that is a credit to them".

Chris Sayers, Senior IS Manager, Bentley Motors