Everybody today is so reliant on IT in all aspects of our life that when we are without it we feel helpless. With Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft/microsoft-sql-server-support) behind your business it really is as if you have ‘life support’. You can rest assured that you can continue with all your operations and systems, as Life IT […]

The people of Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft/microsoft-development) literally spend their life using, facilitating and supporting IT. With a range of highly knowledgeably technicians and programmers, we have the experience, expertise and skills base to support our customers across all their IT platforms. Not only that but we make it our priority to understand your business needs […]

We’re not talking about a pat on the back or friendly shoulder for you to lean on, but Microsoft SQL support! Life IT specialises in consultancy and support for our customers’ IT environments and offers customers bespoke support services which are tailored to your requirements in order to ensure that your system is both optimised […]

Most people are unaware of exactly what ‘SQL’ is and what it was created to do, understanding this may mean you will have a greater knowledge of application development. Let’s start with the easy bit… SQL stands for ‘Structured Query Language’ and is a special purpose language which was designed for sharing and managing data […]

Microsoft SQL Server Benefits : So many businesses choose Microsoft SQL Server for their database management platform – but why? As well-established experts in all things Microsoft SQL, Life IT strongly recommend it – and they can help you make the most of it with their high quality Microsoft SQL support services. Here are four […]

When choosing a provider for SQL support, it’s important to give careful consideration to who you entrust with your system. It goes without saying that your database is a highly important part of your business, so keeping it up-to-date, accurate and easy to access is essential. Even if you have in-house SQL support on-hand, there […]

When it comes to database management, few platforms offer the power, flexibility and customisability of Microsoft SQL. But to really make the most of it, the services of a Microsoft SQL programmer are highly recommended. However, you’re unlikely to need to carry out Microsoft SQL programming every day, so employing a full-time SQL developer or […]

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful, flexible database platform designed to make it easy to store and access huge amounts of data. It’s trusted by businesses worldwide, and with its impressive functionality and customisability, it’s easy to see why. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you want to harness the full potential of […]

SQL Server application development – Planning Working with Microsoft SQL Server, you’ll realise what a powerful and flexible relational database platform it is. But are you maximising the potential benefits it has to offer your organisation? SQL Server provides an ideal platform to develop bespoke applications that can support your business and automate or enhance […]

Don’t Install Microsoft SQL Server until you’ve Read This… When it comes to getting Microsoft SQL Server running smoothly and efficiently, it’s all in the implementation. Get your implementation right, and SQL Server is sure to impress you with its reliable performance and power. Do a SQL implementation badly and you won’t be making the […]

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