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If you are responsible for the smooth running of your IBM i then you know that occasionally things go wrong, jobs abend, lines crash, queues stick, programs loop, interfaces fail, and messages get missed. As long as you spot the problem in time things can be done.

Unfortunately, you can’t be there all the time, you can’t check every critical item, your operators are only human and they can miss things, get distracted or forget to check statuses, and then what? If it’s a small mistake, maybe you’ll just get a complaint, if it’s a big mistake then maybe your warehouse has no pick lists until midday with untold costs to the business, you and your department’s integrity.


  • SysChecker can check all your critical functions 24 hours a day and notify you as soon as one deviates from your specified criteria.
  • SysChecker does not simply wait for the system to issue messages like other products, it actively monitors and reports problems as it detects them.
  • SysChecker can check lines, controllers, jobs, subsystems, and distribution queues, in fact just about every operational object can be monitored against user-defined statuses 24 hours a day, or at specific times, and on days of your choosing.
  • Files can be checked to see when they changed, or if they contain more or fewer records than you specify.

SysChecker is ideal for checking if TCP/IP interfaces are running correctly.

Your own programs can be called via user exits so that instant remedial action can be taken.

Warning messages about each object that is not in its requested status can be sent to any number of recipients, whether they are IBM i message queues or Email addresses.

SysChecker has these and many more features to help you with your IBM i operational tasks.

SysChecker can be installed in minutes, and new objects are added instantly, thanks to the user-friendly drop-down lists and common sense approach. Within the hour you can have SysChecker monitoring your system, safe in the knowledge that should the unforeseen happen, you and your operators will be continuously warned about the problem until it gets fixed, or you ask SysChecker to stop checking.