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The Paranoia3 is the latest in the Paranoia range of tape encryption appliances to offer a simple way to implement encryption into your existing environment.

Paranoia3 is designed to fit into your environment so there will be no reason for you to change your IT systems or procedures. The ease of use and simple system integration means Paranoia3 is perfect in a disaster recovery situation, where fast retrieval of data is of paramount importance. The fourth product in the family, the Paranoia3 incorporates features learnt in the 16 years of production and implementation of the Paranoia family of products by users around the globe.

System Agnostic

Paranoia3 is designed in such a way that it is transparent to the host system. A large percentage of our customers are using the units on the iSeries (AS400) platform and on standard Windows and Unix platforms however many are in use on Legacy systems including HP Nonstop (Tandem), Unisys, NEC, IBM AIX and HP9000. By being truly transparent to the system all features that the system may use are supported including boot from tape (Alternate IPL on AS400) download of code to connected tape drives and diagnostics.

Drive Agnostic

Paranoia3 design allows for almost any type and make of SCSI or Fibre channel interfaced tape drive to be supported whatever the age. Many companies are running a wide range of tape technologies so using the Paranoia3 allows the same device to be rolled out across the various systems, tape drives, autoloaders and tape libraries within the business. As systems get upgraded the Paranoia3 is simply moved to handle the new tape technology so there is no reason not to protect even those systems due for replacement in the near future.

Appliance Based

Using an appliance based solution has a number of advantages when compared to embedded encryption in the drive. The first and most obvious is the fact that there is no need to change the tape drives type to one that has the option for encryption. This removes the need for a complete set of costly new media but more importantly means your existing archive tapes can simply be overwritten rather than needing to be copied to the new media and then securely destroyed in order to meet the audit requirements. There is also the advantage that the archive can be simply converted to secure status using the SecureCopy3 unit without the need for any system involvement. Compare this with having the system time to do a tape to tape copy via the system for all of your archive.

Does your budget cover the cost of a complete replacement set of high capacity media that you may not need the capacity?

Easy to Install and Manage

The Paranoia3 was designed to allow users to understand how to install and configure the units in case of a disaster so ensuring this could be done without adding to the recovery time. Management is simple, straightforward and can be done either locally using the serial interface or remotely across the LAN or WAN. The supplied GUI allows for setting the level of encryption as well as catering for the need to be able to read and/or write unencrypted tape if required. With systems such as the IBM iSeries you simply VARY OFF the device, fit theParanoia3 in line, VARY ON, set the keys and you start running those secure backups with 30 minutes.

Designed to do the job

The Paranoia3 hardware is designed specifically to do the job of encrypting data to tape, not simply a few add on cards to a PC motherboard that some solutions use. By controlling all hardware design and production DISUK are able to ensure the product runs as efficiently as possible with no spare circuitry using excess power and generated unwanted heat. With control over all aspect of the device DISUK are able to ensure long term support and upgrades throughout the life of the product. We can still produce and support all previous models in the Paranoia family so ensuring long term support. Your archives will likely go back at least seven years so 10 years support is the minimum you are likely to need with encrypted tapes.

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