Welcome to this special IBM i 25th Anniversary blog post dedicated to what IBM i has given us over the past 25 years and to how its continued innovation and agility can help define the future.**** It started as a simple idea… “It started as a simple idea: create an application system for midsized businesses.” […]

Your AS/400, IBM i or iSeries server is an important piece of kit that your business simply couldn’t function without. For this reason, proper support is essential. You may have a skilled IT team on-site, but to ensure every aspect is covered, nothing beats expert support from an IBM Premier Business Partner such as Life […]

The IBM iSeries (commonly referred to by its former name of AS/400) is a powerful, flexible system that will provide your business with many years of reliable service. However, as we all know, technology moves on at an alarming pace, and today’s high-end equipment won’t be high-end for long. That certainly doesn’t mean you need […]

Make your IBM solution acquisition more affordable and stay ahead of your competition with the latest in IBM products in 2013 and 25 month 0% financing. The IBMi 25 year Anniversary offering from IBM Global Financing: no payment during month 1 followed by 8 quarterly payments at 0% interest rate. Payments are easily calculated by […]

IBM Lotus Domino performs crucial functions for businesses. It’s a powerful collaborative tool, offering communications, ecommerce and CRM.  As it can drive so many important parts of your business, efficient system administration is essential. From server installation and monitoring to bespoke solution development, Life IT knows all the leading server technology, operating systems and applications […]

If your business is running an IBM Lotus Domino server, chances are it also runs IBM Lotus Notes clients. It’s powerful, flexible and boasts fantastic collaborative features – as long as it’s working. Sure, Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino may be reliable and secure, but it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Should your […]

AS400 upgrade: If you’re running an AS400, IBM i or IBM Power Systems environment, you’ll already be aware of its impressive power, reliability and flexibility. But there will inevitably come a time when you’d like to do things in a way your current set-up doesn’t allow. One of the benefits of AS400 is that you […]

AS400 support: Servers based on IBM’s AS400 infrastructure are among the most commonly used by businesses across the globe. Although IBM i and IBM Power Systems have officially superseded the AS400 range, these servers are still often referred to by the AS400 name as it’s become a byword for quality, reliability and performance. However, it’s […]

Buying a server for your business can be a nightmare. With so many brands and models in the marketplace, ensuring you have the optimal IT infrastructure installed is a difficult task, even for the most knowledgeable IT manager. Well-established IT consultants Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) can help. Offering a UK-wide support service for IT environments, they […]

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