Looking for professional support for IBM iSeries, AS/400 or IBM i? Look no further than Life IT! Their team of experts provides complete iSeries support services UK-wide, with everything taken care of. Here’s what they could do for you...

Support for your iSeries hardware
Your iSeries hardware will need a expert to ensure it continues to deliver the best possible performance. Life IT have dedicated IBM hardware experts on-hand, armed with the knowledge and skills you need to ensure optimum hardware performance.

Support for your operating system
We all know how temperamental operating systems can be, and how they occasionally don’t quite perform quite how we expect them to. Use an expert iSeries service such as Life IT and their experts will be accustomed to the quirks and inconsistencies of the operating system you’re running, meaning they can quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Support for your iSeries applications
Issues with your iSeries environment may be software related. Your applications could need changes or workarounds, or simply you may need operational support. Life IT will quickly identify where and why your applications are causing problems, and work out ways to resolve them. On the subject of iSeries applications, Life IT’s team of developers can also develop bespoke applications, helping you work more efficiently with software tailored for your exact needs.

iSeries support for all models – no matter how old
Even if IBM have stopped supporting your iSeries hardware, operating system or software, that doesn’t mean Life IT have stopped supporting it. They’ll provide their services for any iSeries, IBM i or AS/400 set-up, no matter how old it may be.

iSeries support for your support team
Perhaps you have an in-house support team for your iSeries environment. However, they may sometimes not have the time or lack the experience necessary to identify and repair issues you encounter. In these instances, you can call on Life IT’s support team to provide back-up to your in-house staff, helping to fill gaps in your teams availability or skill set. Remember, Life IT have experts specialising in iSeries hardware, operating systems and applications – so everything’s covered.

iSeries support delivered how and when you need it
Whether you need support by phone, email, remote dial-in to your server or in person on-site, Life IT can provide it for you. And while their standard support packages cover standard office hours, 24/7 support is an option if you need it.
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What others say about us

“Having migrated from IBM Domino to Microsoft Office 360 (Business Cloud), we are delighted with the results – and have 1000 happy internal customers who much prefer Outlook to Domino. Life IT were flexible, fair and supportive when schedules had to change due to other Gurit projects.  We had direct access to engineers and technical staff and a dedicated team who were easy to work with.  The whole project was done in a very friendly environment and I would definitely recommend Life IT for these sorts of migration projects.”

Henrikki Häkkänen,
Global IT Services Manager — Gurit Services AG

“Without the professional and expert support of Life IT, we wouldn’t have had the quality product we now have. They gently but insistently pushed the boundaries of our assumptions during the analysis phase, getting us to challenge our mind-sets and think outside the box. They then worked seamlessly as part of our team and delivered to time and to budget – no mean feat”.

James Hacking
Head of Technical Services—HCSS

“As we’d already invested significantly in Lotus Notes and Domino, a solution that built on our existing investment and skills was ideal. Life IT understood what was important to us and delivered a solution that met our needs. We’ve already seen the number of ‘distress calls’ to the sales office reduce as our sales managers can easily access customer data off line wherever they are and we’ve had positive feedback all round about the ability to update their call reports instantly on the road.”

Colin Mosley
Head of IT—Polyflor

“The Life IT solution has provided us with a significant reduction in support and maintenance costs and is an easy to use, more resilient and more easily maintainable system. As a business that handles thousands of transactions a day from 12 different own brand or white label websites it was vital that the whole process was seamless and, with the renewal of the support and maintenance contract from our existing supplier looming, it was also vital that the project came in on deadline. Life IT achieved this and more as they provided us with additional MI functionality and supported our staff whilst transferring their skills.’

Andrew Kirkham
Head of IT Development—DLR

“Life IT are doing a great job providing a very professional and efficient service. They are almost silently efficient and just get things done – only escalating issues when necessary. Their expertise in the AS400 is a key strength ensuring a real depth to their service and they keep us up to date with advances in technology too. So from an AS400 perspective I have very little to worry about.”

John Geary
IT Service Delivery Manager

“After the restructure I was left with a critical resource gap which quickly needed filling, having worked with Life IT before I gave them a call. Their response was swift and efficient. They now work as a virtual Center Parcs help desk team providing a strength and depth of support. Their flexible working based on a time bank system is real value for money. So not only do I get an expert and efficient service, I have reduced my resource costs!”

Kerry Moakes
Head of IT—Center Parcs

“We wanted flexible support to ensure 24/7 cover and Life IT worked with us to deliver this. Life IT has become integrated into the Bentley way of working and their role has expanded into looking at the technical side of the application as well as the support. “Our relationship has been built up over a significant period of time and both sides have worked hard to develop a supplier/customer relationship that can be used as a model throughout Bentley. We are now in the position where we have a pro-active partnership, Life IT are treated as part of Bentley, and that is a credit to them”.

Chris Sayers
Senior IS Manager—Bentley Motors

Support options

From full 24 by 7 operations to month end support and holiday cover, we can tailor a fixed price solution to fit seamlessly with your IT department.

So we offer a wide range of technical support services including IBM i, System P, Domino and SQL Server, to proactively monitor the availability and performance of your systems within a fixed price contract.

The key to our Application Support is that it’s ‘tailored’ to your exact requirements, with the flexibility to increase the resources and hours of cover as required.

With a Life support contract, you have access to a multi-skilled team with hardware, operating system and application skills as well as the latest IBM i certifications.

We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for.

Life IT offer bespoke managed Microsoft SQL Server support services which are tailored to our customer’s requirements to ensure their systems are optimized, stable and secure, as well as prepared for future upgrades and updates.

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