Domino Server is showing multiple database locks on daoscat.nsf.  This can cause the server to hang. The server stops responding and has to be restarted. In some rare cases the Domino server is crashing with an error – “PANIC: semaphore invalid or not allocated”. The Fixup operation on databases with a very high number of […]

Domino Volt makes building apps 70% faster. Developers and business users with common web development skills can rapidly develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow applications. Build web-based data capture forms and workflows using data from excel, multiple data sources, or from scratch. Top 10 1. Domino Volt is designed to both build new apps and […]

1. Do I need to register to get the beta version of v12?   If you are an existing customer, you are entitled to v12 beta automatically. Please contact us for more info    2. How can I submit feedback on the beta and how would HCL handle my feedback?   Please submit your feedback via our beta forum here.   We will review all the […]

Now that the release of v12 is around the corner, HCL would like to provide all current customers with an exclusive preview. Today, HCL is officially launching the first public beta of Domino v12! HCL is inviting you to join this beta program and take part in shaping the future of our product, helping us […]

So what’s new for Domino V10 for users? These are the highlights for the new Domino V10: iPad – Notes Client on iPad to deploy existing Domino Applications Email – Improvements include the ability to schedule an email for delayed sending and will notify you of problems in an email before it is sent Calendar […]

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